Glasgow in 10 minutes

Here are 10 minute drawings of Scottish castles. I missed drawing so much.

I didn’t take pictures of the Highlands, because there is nothing more infuriatingly sappy than photos of the Highlands. Just add a cursive Headline and a naked Highlander and you get it why photos don’t work.

So go there yourselves, instead. It’s not like they’re going anywhere, the Highlands. The kitsch disappears as soon as you see them face to face and you just want to stay there forever.

It’s not, actually

I can point you to a nice Scottish/Irish Host Family who wave their Harry Potter wands while discussing European politics, imitating animal noises and swearing about the bloody English bastards. And sing 500 miles. I’ve had a fairy tale Scottish holiday but I won’t tell you anymore because you know you need to go there yourselves.

Also why don’t we have something like the Fringe festival in Germany? Let’s do it.

Ok, one photo. Because they filmed bloody Monty Python and the Holy Grail here. And Winterfell from the first episode.


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